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 Webdesign & Development

Trust our Experienced Design Management Team to bring your Web ideas into reality.

Our Services in Brief

1. Corporate Internet Website Solutions.
2. E-commerce and Online Shop-front Services.
3. Experimental and Creative Web Designs.
4. Complete Internet Presence Solutions including Hosting

Our Corporate Strategy

1. Create exciting and unique web sites to stimulate the viewer.
2. Custom design sites that build on your strengths.
3. Never let quantity erode the quality of designs
4. Ensure form and function works together effectively.

eWeb brings you solutions that meet your budget and specific needs. Allowing you access to experienced web designers at prices that you can never find else where.

Our Benefits are Simple!

Professional Quality Design Services - Our in-house designers are some of the best webdesigners around. With hundreds of web design experiences under their belts, you can be assured of professional, quality work.

Affordable and Within Your Budget - With our low overhead system of having talented website designers in-house, we are able to bring you high quality services at extremely competitively prices, with direct communication with our designers.

Assurance and Reliability - With everything under one roof, you can be assured of timely project submissions and fast response should you need to make changes.

Complete Internet Solutions - Our experience in the industry allows us to build partnerships with reputable web and internet hosting providers. In turn, this translates to ease for your project and cheaper recurring charges.

Anti-Virus and Protection Software

ViRobot enables you to scan attachments and detect viruses while you are receiving emails, on a real-time basis.

Virus Protection for your desktops

 Basic Hosting Plans
eWEB Lite Plans - $108 per/YEAR
20Mb Webspace + 5 email addresses
eWEB Business Plans - $208 per/yr
100Mb Webspace + 20 email addresses
eWEB Flex! Plans - Call for price!
Your choice of webspace + your choice of emails + your choice of price!
* Domain registration depends on availability.

on AnakMelayu.com (A local malay community website)
eWeb Pte Ltd has recently secured a deal to provide a high-end server to the most heavily accessed malay community website in Singapore! See how eWeb has helped Tenfingers Pte Ltd with providing them with the best solutions for their needs.

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