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 Dedicated Servers

High-end servers you can afford
eWeb Pte Ltd is a world-leading provider of data center infrastructure and eBusiness and IT services. We offer advanced and complex web hosting, data center server colocation, dedicated server hosting, and managed eBusiness and IT services. Our tier 1 state-of-the-art Internet hosting center features multiple Gigabits premium Internet backbone connections. We offer a high level of expertise with network and server hardware, Unix and Windows operating systems, web, email, database, and eBusiness applications, among other services.

Always on connection.
Always-on dedicated high speed Internet connections for corporate clients. ISDN, DSL, ATM, T1, T3, OC3, OC12 and OC48 WAN connections. 10MB, 100MB and 1GB Ethernet connections.
You also maintain root level access and other desirable features normally associated with a dedicated server and so much more! Contact our sales staff today regarding your own dedicated server.

All dedicated server packages includes the following minimum:

- Red Hat 8 Linux distribution
- Full “root” access
- 2 dedicated IP addresses (more available upon request)
- 40Gb space as standard
- Unmetered 1.5Mbps connection (shared)
- Housed on high specification processor systems and racks

 Basic Hosting Plans
eWEB Lite Plans - $108 per/YEAR
20Mb Webspace + 5 email addresses
eWEB Business Plans - $208 per/yr
100Mb Webspace + 20 email addresses
eWEB Flex! Plans - Call for price!
Your choice of webspace + your choice of emails + your choice of price!
* Domain registration depends on availability.

on AnakMelayu.com (A local malay community website)
eWeb Pte Ltd has recently secured a deal to provide a high-end server to the most heavily accessed malay community website in Singapore! See how eWeb has helped Tenfingers Pte Ltd with providing them with the best solutions for their needs.

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