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 Our Services at a glance

Web Hosting
eWeb provides different hosting plans to meet different business and personal needs. From a simple 20Mb hosting up to 2 Gb of webspace, eWeb will help you solve your hosting problems in an instant!

From dedicated servers to just a simple webspace, eWeb can provide you with various solutions to improve your businesses and reach out to the online market.

Web Designing and Online Applications
We are in the business of design too. Designing, redesigning and reengineering sites along with an active participation from all our clients. Discover what we can do to meet your business needs. Take a look at the process involved. View our portfolio for a list of our international clients. Do you want eye-catching graphics, unique designs, clean layouts and clear navigation? We can develop websites that look great, load quickly and help visitors navigate easily towards the information that they need.

We can design and set up any online business. From adding a simple shopping cart to building a global vertical industry. Contact us to launch your high performance profitable site.
Embrace an e-busines infrastructure! Consult us and leverage technology to redefine your existing business. Add global experience and perspective to your Net- Business development.

Data Security
Secure your servers and workstation from malicious viruses and data loss! With Hauri's breed of anti-virus and data protection solutions, we can provide you with an ease of mind.

Still not enough?
Talk to us today to find out more about our available services and how we can help you to improve yours.

Anti-Virus and Protection Software

ViRobot enables you to scan attachments and detect viruses while you are receiving emails, on a real-time basis.

Virus Protection for your desktops


on AnakMelayu.com (A local malay community website)
eWeb Pte Ltd has recently secured a deal to provide a high-end server to the most heavily accessed malay community website in Singapore! See how eWeb has helped Tenfingers Pte Ltd with providing them with the best solutions for their needs.

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