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 Our Offline Products

Email Steriliser

For DATA SECURITY, its all about anti-virus and email scanning. eWeb recommends the Hauri Anti-Virus and Data Protection Software. Intended for corporate users for use on Microsoft Windows Servers, Unix and Linux based servers, Hauri's biggest customer is Intel Corp. Helping them keep viruses away, and also email scanning, which allows them to point all their emails to us for online scanning before returning back to their own servers. The email scanner is also capable of blocking spam mails even before it reaches their mailboxes, thus saving them time for deleting those spam mails. We call it Email Steriliser.

ViRobot Management Server (VMS) is an anti-virus management program designed to protect valuable data in a network environment. It prevents computer viruses or malicious codes from sneaking into the company systems and monitors the clients' status 24 hours a day. VMS has numerous innovative management features that can save the IT administrator valuable time and resources in implementing and administering effective anti-virus protection system in the network environment.

 Our Online Products

Get more visuality online with your very own company's website. A website that is available and accessible 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year will definitely make a difference on your customer base. We have basic webhosting plans, and promotional plans like the personalised email plans, webdesign, colocation, and customised solutions that allow us to bring client's business operations online.

Email Plus!
For businesses that needs an email box with a customised domain (you@yourcompany.com) will be delighted to know about our Email Plus! service. Email Plus! consists of either 5 x 20MB mailboxes or 10 x 10MB mailboxes, either one adds up to 100mb.

Domain Name Registration
eWeb also does domain name (www.yourcompany.com) registration for your personal or corporate needs. All registrations are done through approved registrars in the United States. We also provide local domain names (www.yourcompany.com.sg) registrations.

Web Hosting & Emails
eWeb provides different hosting plans to meet different business and personal needs. From a simple 20Mb hosting up to 2 Gb of webspace, eWeb will help you solve your hosting problems in an instant!

Anti-Virus and Protection Software

ViRobot enables you to scan attachments and detect viruses while you are receiving emails, on a real-time basis.

Virus Protection for your desktops


on AnakMelayu.com (A local malay community website)
eWeb Pte Ltd has recently secured a deal to provide a high-end server to the most heavily accessed malay community website in Singapore! See how eWeb has helped Tenfingers Pte Ltd with providing them with the best solutions for their needs.

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