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Professional specs for critical apps and uses. We offer the most competative prices.

For our WEB services, there are basic webhosting plans, and promotional plans like the personalised email plans, webdesign, colocation, and customised solutions that will allow us to bring our client's business operations online. For basic webhosting plans, please call 63344838 to find out more.

eWeb also has an email service which we call EmailPlus. It consists of either 5 x 20MB mailboxes or 10 x 10MB mailboxes, either one adds up to 100mb.

Get a professional look.
Get a professional designer.


Looking for ways to secure your business online? Searching for a place to put individual creativity and ideas on the World Wide Web? We'll be more than happy to help you. We at eWeb are able to provide you with various online solutions right here! We can build you an online presence no other production house can deliver, at a fraction of the cost. Customer satisfaction is our mantra here in eWeb and you can be assured of quality and satisfaction.

With services ranging from design to hosting, systems integration to data security, we are confident in meeting all your IT needs and expectations. Personalised Services - Personalised Support - Professional Results. We understand that COST is a big factor. Our packages have been designed to help your small and midsize business to take advantage of the web, at a cost you CAN AFFORD.

on AnakMelayu.com (A local malay community website)
eWeb Pte Ltd has recently secured a deal to provide a high-end server to the most heavily accessed malay community website in Singapore! See how eWeb has helped Tenfingers Pte Ltd with providing them with the best solutions for their needs.

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